Mounted in locations without suspended ceilings with deflector pointing up wards. The Water hits the deflector and spray downwards with a conical expansion. It can be used for wet, dry and pre-action systems. The sprinklers come with compact design, glass bulb type, available in several different finishes and temperature ratings. The pendent sprinkler must be installed in upright position.

Applications House/ Hotel/ Hospital/ Mall / Dormitory/ Trade Center/ Carpark
Bulb Glass/ 5 mm
K Factor KS.6(80),  K8 .0 ( I  I5)
Threaded  Dimension 1/i” NPT ( I 5 mm), ¾” NPT (20 mm)
Response Standart Response
Listings UL Liste d* / FM Approved **
Finishes Brass, Chrome
Temperature Rating 57°C( I 35°F), 68°C( I 55°F), 79°C( I 75 °F), 93 °C(200°F), 141°C(286°F)

* Approved for only KS.6(80), Brass or White and 57°C( / 35°F) , 68°C( /55°F) , 79°C( I 75°F),
** Approved for only KS.6( 80), Brass and 57°C( I 35°F) , 68°C( I55°F) , 79°C( I 75°F)