Externally pressurized expansion joints are also known as X-Pressed Expansion Joints are used that required large thermal expansions (axial compression or axial extension). For these large expansion values standard axial expansion joints are not enough to compensate. Externally pressurized expansion joints are excellent solutions to absorb large movements in the system. Totflex externally pressurized expansion joints are designed that the flow media pressure acts on the outside of the bellows and this external pressure causing stabilizing effect. This stabilizing effect increases the bellows ability to compensate large amount of axial movements (axial compression or axial extension) without increasing the convolution number.

Application Area of X-Pressed Expansion Joints

  • Buried & Underground Pipelines
  • Steam Plants
  • Industrial Cooling Systems
  • Vertical Pipeline Applications
  • Geothermal Facilities
  • Thermal Oil Lines

Structure & Operating Conditions

Bellow Material Stainless Steel AISI304 (Opt. AISI316 – AISI321)
Pipe Material Carbon Steel St37.2 (Opt. Stainless Steel)
Connection Types Fixed & Loose Flanged and Weld Neck
Flange Material Carbon Steel St37.2 (Opt. Stainless Steel)
Operating Pressure PN2,5/PN6/PN10/PN16/PN25/PN64 (customized upon request)
Operating Temperature -20 °C/+400 °C
Expansion Value 30 mm (-20, +10), 60 mm (-40, +20), 90 mm (-70, +20)
Connection Sizes DN25(1”) – DN1200(48”)
Design Standard EJMA Standards