They are  preferred  in suspended  ceil ings or in locations where downward sprinklers are appropriate. Water sprays in a conically expansion. They can be used with escutcheons. The sprinklers come with compact design, glass  bulb  type, available in several different finishes and temperature ratings. The pendent  sprinkler  must  be  installed  in pendent position.

Applications House / Hotel / Hospital / Mall / Dormitory/ Trade Center
Bulb Glass / 5 mm
K Factor K5.6(80), K8.0(I 15)
Threaded  Dimension 1/211  NPT (15 mm) , ¾” NPT (20 mm)
Response Standart Response
Listings UL Liste d* / FM Approved **
Finishes Brass, Chrome, White
Temperature Rating 57°C( I 35°F), 68°C( I 55°F), 79°C( I 75°F), 93°C(200°F), 141°C(286°F)

* Approved for only K5.6(80), Brass or White and Sl°C( l35°F), 68°C( l55°F), 79°C( I 75°F)
** Approved for only K5.6(80), Brass and Sl°C( I 35°F), 68°C( I 55°F), 79°C( I 75°F)