Pneumatic Level Switch

The Totflex TFX-PLS Level Switch is engineered for precise and dependable monitoring of liquid levels in a diverse array of industrial environments, including food processing facilities, marine machinery, boilers, and storage tanks. Its robust design features high-quality 316 stainless steel components for the float and flange, offering exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear in harsh conditions.


  • Enhanced Durability: Built to last in demanding settings, the TFX-PLS maintains performance integrity over long operational periods.
  • Broad Application Range: Its high resilience and adaptable design make it an excellent choice for critical level monitoring across multiple industrial sectors.
  • Accurate Level Measurement: Delivers precise and reliable level readings, crucial for the effective management of industrial processes and safety protocols.

Pneumatic Level Switch

Working Principle:

  • Magnetic Float System: The switch operates using a float that moves vertically on a guide rod as the liquid level in the tank changes. This float is equipped with a magnet.
  • Microswitch Mechanism: The proximity of the float’s magnet to a microswitch within the switch housing alters as the float rises or falls, thereby actuating the microswitch.
  • Responsive Output Signal: The activation of the microswitch generates an electrical signal that can be used to operate various control systems, such as turning pumps on or off,
  • activating alarms, or providing real-time level indicators to monitoring equipment. This direct and responsive signaling ensures efficient process control and rapid adjustment to changing liquid levels.

Technical Features

Mounting Type Vertical
Flange material 316 Stainless Steel
Float Material 316 Stainless Material
Min Density 0.7g/ cm3
Case Material Aluminum Injection, Painted
Flange Dimension 92mmx92mm
Max. Pressure/Temp. 25 bar / 250 °C
Ambient Temperature (-) 20 °C / (+) 80 °C
Protection Class IP 65
Weight 1.75kg
Float Test Pressure 40 bars
I/O Connection 1/8″ BSP