U/V-Flex omega loop is designed to absorb unexpected, random dynamic loads that may occur in
earthquake-prone regions, as well as to relieve vibration loads on the line, ensuring that the pipeline system
works without any disruption. U/V-Flex omega loop ducts are used for heating, air conditioning, water
supply, ventilation, gas processing, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, oil drilling, food processing, truck
exhaust, and other fields. Connection to pipes, air conditioning, water, fan, etc.

Advantage of our products:

  • Compensation for temperature expansion of straight sections of the pipeline;
  • Connection of pressure and suction pipelines to various units (pumps, turbines, compressors, engines,
  • Transportation of steam, hot or cold water, gases, including natural, chemicals and petroleum products
    in areas of increased seismic activity.
  • 360 ° Capable of movement in all directions.
  • Easy to install. Only one hanger and two end connections that simplify piping design and eliminate the
    need for multiple, tangled joints or grooved joints made on site.

Application Area:

  • Fire safety lines;
  • Places of dilatation crossings;
  • Industrial pipeline systems;
  • Pipeline lines laid in tunnels;
  • Drains of bridges and transport interchanges.

Technical Futures


Hose Material AISI304-AISI321 Grade Stainless Steel
Braid Material AISI304 Grade Stainless steel
Connections Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Nominal Diameter DN25 (1”) – DN200 (8”)
Operating Temperature -90 °C / +600 °C
Working Pressure PN16 – 250 Psi
Connection Types Flanged, Welding Neck, Grooved, Threaded